Why Alienozo?

Alienozo offers an innovative, unique, green power electric bicycle that provides you with the comfortability, safety and speed. No matter what the application, we have a model to suit your needs. What makes Alienozo special is its innovative design, extensive time and effort have gone into concealing the Samsung Lithium battary into the frame. This along with internal routing of wires and small mid drive crank motor, come together to make what is arguably the most elegant lookiing electric bikes on the market.

'Homemade' Mid crank motor

After years of developing and investigating, we have the strong faith on Mid Crank Motor. Therefore we are now switching our market from Hub motor to Mid motor. Everyone will be surprised with its incredible performance, assisted mode will kick in the power as you start pedalling and add extra power to each cycle, propelling you faster and with less effort.

Stylish Electric bicycle

Our unique mid drive system is the entire crank set so it will assist you pedal directly. It is also connected directly to the bike's chain set. This strategic motor placement will allow the motor to run in its optimum RPM range when the rider utilizes the bike's gearing system. When the rider shifts up in gears, the motor will ride in high gear to reach higher speed. This translate into more efficient motor and a ligher, better balanced bike to increase both motor and battery's service life.

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